As one of the largest social networking sites, Twitter has been put into a comparison position with Facebook (the largest platform for social interaction) since its birth, especially on business field.

People usually hold the view that Facebook works more efficient than Twitter (it’s understandable, as it requires far greater vision to bring out the best from the 140 words limitation), but that’s not the case.

Successful promoting cases are available as proof to indicate that as long as measures are taken properly, Twitter is bound to be an efficient channel for business.


1 . Win Your Twitter Followers’ Trust

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Nothing comes easy. The phrase could also apply to business on Twitter. It takes you great efforts to attract oodles of followers, but it will take much more to earn followers’ trust, which is a significant step to turn them into loyal purchaser.

When you have got a certain number of followers, it’s time to build up your own group and invite your followers to participate in.

Being the administrator, it’s your duty to come up with articles, practical skills, or informative materials relevant to your field regularly.

Also, you should be well-prepared to answer questions and give suggestions in time. In that way, followers will gain great confidence as well as trust to your expertise and in return for this, the trust will mutate into confidence to your products; so that your business will see a real boom and your efforts will be rewarded.


2 . Using “Hashtag” Ingeniously

Hashtag is a useful tool provided by twitter, but only a few users have grasped tricks of it. According to its definition, hashtag is s community-driven convention for adding extra content and metadata to your tweets.

You could search your favorites by adding keywords behind”#”. People often use it to seek for people with the same interest, career, niche and topics.

You are capable to search for people or group with the hashtag related to your business marketing and interact with them. In that case, you are accessible to targeted followers more efficiently; invite them to your group and exchange information freely.

Moreover, it’s a wise decision to add you a hashtag to get focused by other users searching for the same tag.

It’s shame to have your business competitors use hashtag to promote their brands while you are still aware of its function.


3 . Make the Most of the 140 Words

Word limitation is the most highlighted feature of Twitter, also the most controversial one.

People often doubt the possibility of launching business project by the limitation for it seems far from enough to a product’s description, not to mention the usual detailed material for brands. But nothing is impossible to a willing heart.

Designing your words in simple and expressive ad way may give you a surprise!

You can get inspiration from good tweets. For example, here’s a recent one from Sam Ovens:

Forget b2b and b2c. It’s p2p. People to People.

The tweet above receives a good reflection from both consumers and businesses.

According to a survey, it you are able to make followers’ eyes lingering on your tweets for more than five seconds, they will have a to click the URL to the product. So, play your words carefully and drag followers’ attention.


4 . Use Twitter as a Channel to Increase Traffic

Maybe from your perspective, all the above tips are insufficient to your promoting plan. Then you could try this way: using Twitter as a tool to supplement traffic of Facebook or your official websites.

Every time new product is released, you could tweet to your followers with a link connected to your online shop, but the sales merely depends on followers’ interest or your influence on them.

So try to offer some discount coupons from time to time to lure them to click the links.

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The four tips above have turned out feasible by a large number of pioneers. So if you are launching your business on Twitter now, why not have a try?

They won’t let you down.


Do you have any other tips to add?

Do you use Twitter for business?

Please share your strategies and comments below, thanks!

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