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Perhaps Glasgow’s Episcopal cathedral of St Mary will become the new Gretna Green for English same-sex couples as yet unable to marry one another in Anglican churches south of the border (Glasgow to host first Anglican same-sex marriages in UK, 21 July)? A mock-up carpenter’s shop, as opposed to Gretna’s Old Mill Forge (currently offering an “exclusive use package” for a mere £3,795), could prove to be a nice little earner.
Fr Alec Mitchell

• Deborah Dickinson complains (Letters, 20 July) that there is still a legal difference between gay and heterosexual people in that heterosexual couples cannot enter into a civil partnership. Civil partnerships were a public endorsement of the view that gay couples’ relationships are inferior and would taint the institution of marriage. Mixed-sex couples seeking civil partnerships are like gentiles applying to wear a yellow star.
Paul Brownsey

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