After decades spent reinventing its image, the city is plagued by the return of a brutal family struggle to control its drugs trade

It was a moment of casual ruthlessness outside a busy Glasgow supermarket seven years ago that lit the fuse under Britain’s most brutal gangland feud. Kevin “Gerbil” Carroll, a brutal enforcer for one of Scotland’s most notorious organised crime clans, was sitting in his car outside a superstore in the city’s north-east. What happened next will never be forgotten by the throngs of shoppers who witnessed it. Two men approached and fired several rounds into the car, killing Carroll outright in a gangland hit that had been carried out with cold precision.

The intensity of the police investigation into the shooting of Carroll led to an initial period of calm in a tit-for-tat war that had raged through Glasgow’s hardest streets for 10 years. Its origins lie in the rivalry between two family gangs, the Lyons and the Daniels, for control of the city’s heroin and cocaine market.

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