For a senator who was once considered by Christine Milne to be far too quiet, Ludlam has achieved some impressive feats

Brought to politics by his passionate opposition to nuclear power and weapons, Scott Ludlam became the millenial-ish voice in parliament despite being well into his 40s. After narrowly escaping losing his seat in 2013 (instead facing a byelection) he has been brought down by his own administrative failure – not checking that he had in fact renounced his New Zealand citizenship.

Ludlam has spent his nine years in parliament following the Jo Vallentine model of “activist legislator”. He won his seat in 2008 and roared into broader public consciousness in 2014 with a withering invitation for Tony Abbott to visit the state he represents. His speech, to a mostly empty Senate chamber on the last sitting before the byelection, racked up almost one million views on YouTube alone. An impressive feat for a senator who former Greens leader Christine Milne had reportedly once asked of “does this guy ever say anything?”

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