Between the healthcare debate, Trump’s attack on transgender rights, and Anthony Scaramucci’s colorful comments, everything risks blending together

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Healthcare and trans rights and Scaramucci, oh my. Will there never be a calm week again? After Trump casually tweeted out that trans people would no longer be allowed to serve in any capacity in the military (tell that to the 15,000 already serving) – a rule that cannot be enacted over Twitter and one military leaders seemed to have no idea was coming – we were treated to the drama of Anthony Scaramucci f’ing up his first week on staff and the GOP’s scurry to take away healthcare for millions. So, you know, the usual.

Part of the problem with the speed of the news lately is that when everything is horrible and urgent, things start to lose meaning. Everything starts to blend together and feel like just another day of nightmares, just another news story, just another tweet. We cannot forget the individual people this affects the most – whether it’s a healthcare law that will hurt kids who have pre-existing conditions or a military ban on a vulnerable population. These aren’t just stories or statistics, they’re lives.

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