Tony Booth on translating ‘mandarin’ into English; Norman Dombey on emotional truth and lies; Roy Boffy on another interpretation of Chilcot’s words

Your report (Blair was ‘not straight on Iraq war’ – Chilcot, 7 July) adds nothing to what we know about Tony Blair and the Iraq war but says something about the mindset of people like Sir John Chilcot, and should make us doubly wary about the appointment of another senior civil servant to head the Grenfell Tower inquiry. The inordinate amount of time taken by the inquiry and the absurd length of the final report amounted to an obstruction of justice and has meant that Chilcot himself is no stranger to self-justification.

When he reported to parliament in July 2016 the statement from Chilcot was widely viewed as damning. Translating “mandarin” into English, he concluded that Tony Blair lied to the British people about the dangers posed by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and its possession of nuclear and chemical weapons and that he took the country into an illegal war at the behest of the US, to whom he had professed support.

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