Michelle Thew warns against quick trade deal which overturns EU restrictions

Michael Gove’s commitment that “we need to be in a position as we leave the European Union to be leaders in environmental and in animal welfare” is to be welcomed (UK-US trade deals would not allow chlorinated chicken imports – Michael Gove, 26 July). However, amid the real concerns about chickens, we should remember that as well as food and farm animals, EU laws protect animals in other contexts too. Since 2013, the EU has banned the sale within its borders of cosmetics tested on animals. Time and again, the public has expressed its abhorrence of cosmetics animal testing. Consumers need similar reassurance from ministers that a quick trade deal with the US – where cosmetics animal testing is still permitted – will not result in any weakening of this sales ban and that cruel cosmetics will remain a thing of the past.
Michelle Thew
Cruelty Free International

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