A monthly podcast in which Guardian journalists tackle a topic suggested by Guardian members and answer their questions on it. In this edition, Vicky Frost, the Guardian’s deputy membership editor, discusses Brexit with Lisa O’Carroll, Zoe Williams, Dan Roberts and Larry Elliott

It is a year since Britain voted to leave the European Union. A year in which we have learned relatively little about what is likely to happen next. The “Brexit election” Theresa May rashly called after triggering article 50, which started the 24-month period in which the UK needs to strike a deal, delivered less certainty about what it might contain. But now exit talks have begun and details are slowly emerging.

So where might we end up? In our monthly podcast series We Need to Talk About … we tackle the big issues shaping the world, as determined by Guardian members. Each episode features queries and thoughts from our supporters, and the expertise of a special panel of Guardian journalists. You ask the questions – we try to supply the answers.

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