Sasha Simic says there’s plenty that May could have cried about but didn’t, Keith Flett suggests she should follow Spinoza’s injunction, and Carolyn Kirton says May was a poor home secretary and is now a floundering prime minister

The PM (Theresa May says she shed a ‘little tear’ over election exit poll,, 13 July) shed no tears for the 1,182,954 forced to survive on food banks. She shed no tears for nurses, firefighters and other public sector employees struggling to survive on a 1% pay cap and insists there will be no pay rise for them. She shed no tears for the 2,380 people who died between 2011 and 2014 shortly after being declared “able to work” and thrown off benefits as part of a government austerity agenda. She shed no tears for the 1,000 unaccompanied children living in the squalor of the Calais refugee camp. Indeed, she has done her utmost to block the “Dubs amendment” which tried get more children safely into the UK.

She shed no tears for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire – a product of deregulation in accommodation. She shed no tears for the 5,000 desperate refugees who drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean last year and the 2,150 who have drowned doing the same this year. She shed no tears for the 10,000 Yemeni civilians killed by British bombs dropped by Saudi Arabia. Britain has sold £3.3bn in arms to the Saudis over the last three years. The prime minister has personally intervened in those ongoing sales. She shed no tears for the families whose loved ones have dementia – her 2017 manifesto wanted to tax them. She sheds no tears for immigrants – scapegoated and vilified for every conceivable social problem – and as home secretary sent around billboard vans telling illegal immigrants to “Go home or face arrest”.

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