Derryn Hinch has second thoughts on referring himself to high court

‘I hope I don’t have to,’ says senator who earlier said it would be best way to settle matter of his US social security number Derryn Hinch has back-peddled on his intention to ask the Senate to refer him to Read More

Buckingham Palace terror suspect had tried to get to Windsor Castle

Court hears of satnav error as Mohiussunnath Chowdhury appears in court on terrorism charges after incident on Friday night A terrorism suspect arrested outside Buckingham Palace had first wanted to go to Windsor Castle, but his satnav instead took him Read More

UK surveillance and spying watchdog begins work

Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office to ensure intelligence and government services act within new law An expanded watchdog charged with regulating the intelligence services and surveillance by state agencies has officially begun work. The role of the first investigatory powers commissioner, Read More

Iran is adhering to nuclear deal limits, UN says, despite Trump claim

IAEA says Iran’s stockpiles of uranium and heavy water are below agreed limits as Trump threatens to withhold certification of Tehran’s compliance The UN’s nuclear watchdog has reported that Iran is staying within the main limits set down in a Read More

Trump administration to ask for prototypes for Mexican border wall

Trump has taken another step toward building a wall on the US border with Mexico, even as funding for the project remains in question US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced on Thursday it would award contracts to four companies Read More