The trailer for Eli Roth’s revival of the action franchise has been accused of being ‘nakedly fascist’ in its story of vigilanteism in a volatile Chicago

There is a long and fine tradition of pointing out that Eli Roth’s new films don’t look very good. The cocksure writer, director, producer and sometime actor has spent the last 15 years serving up reliably polarising product from the gloomy, insidious torture-porn of Hostel to the garish sexpot thriller Knock Knock. Roth’s latest and most high-profile project – a long-in-the-works resurrection of the Death Wish franchise with Bruce Willis as the trigger-happy lead – has attracted even sharper criticism than usual. The launch trailer has sustained heavy fire on social media, called out for being “nakedly fascist” and being compared to “alt-right fan fiction”.

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