America’s fourth-largest city under threat as storm deluge drops more than 22in (55cm) of rain in a day. Follow the latest developments

Harvey, which made landfall as a category 4 hurricane before quickly losing its power, could strengthen again as it moves slowly south-east, back towards the coast, according to the National Hurricane Center.

It said it would maintain its strength over the next 24 hours but then “some slight re-strengthening is possible after the center moves off the coast on Monday night and Tuesday”.

Flash Flood Emergency continues tonight for the greater Houston/Galveston area @NWSHouston

The US Coast Guard says it has received more than 300 search and rescue requests in the Houston area. At the moment it has has five helicopters in the area and is asking for additional helicopters from New Orleans.

Officials are advising people in dire straits to get to the roofs of their homes and mark them somehow to be seen from the air. One suggestion is for people to wave sheets or towels.

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