From the archive: this week in August 1947

Bright hopes for the partition of India

At midnight next Thursday British rule in India, extending back for nearly two centuries, will end: India will become two independent Dominions. There is no parallel in history for this act of statesmanship, as there is none for the moral and material benefits which the British Raj has brought to India. What the great change will mean for India herself is beyond prediction. The dragon’s teeth of hatred and violence so long sown by Congress may yet produce an evil harvest. One hope there is, however, and it is bright. In the very act of separation, Hindu and Moslem seem, by the speeches of their leaders, to have found the means of agreement: nor does it appear impossible for the Princes to co-operate in the new India without sacrifice of their essential rights. The renewed threats of famine in some areas should forcibly remind Indian politicians that independence will not profit their country unless its menacing economic problems are taken promptly and firmly in hand.

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