India’s outcasts | Pink cricket balls | Dilemmas of tourism | Title abuses

Nitin Mehta paints a rosy picture of contemporary self-rule India (Letters, 18 August). This is unless, of course, you are talking about the millions of people who suffer daily as dalits and adivasi (tribal) people. Their abuses include daily mob lynching, punishment rape, social exclusion and economic and educational disadvantage and deprivation. But they probably don’t count.
Santosh Dass
Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance, Hounslow, Middlesex

• Still on the theme of all things pink and glittery for girls (Letters, 16 and 18 August), perhaps we can hope for a big increase in the number of girls who want to play cricket now that they are using pink balls?
Gwyneth Pendry
Caergybi, Ynys Mon

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