Apple’s HomePod firmware is full of clues about its next smartphone. Here’s an exhaustive list, from all-screen design to a new SmartCam

A week of analysing a leak from Apple has revealed many details about what the company’s next iPhone will look like, as well as information on some of its key features. From facial recognition to a smart camera system and a screen that fills the front, this is what the iPhone 8, “iPhone X” or “iPhone Pro” will probably look like.

Two developers, Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo, spotted that Apple had made what appears to be an internal software update for employees testing Apple’s upcoming HomePod smart speaker available on the public internet. The update was meant to only be distributed inside Apple and so contained many elements concerning the next version of the iPhone, codenamed D22, which could end up being the iPhone 8 or the rumoured “iPhone Pro”.

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