After the deputy prime minister’s eligibility was referred to the high court, Labor is negotiating with the crossbench to strike out the penalty rate cut and establish the bank royal commission. Follow it live …

There is a lot of riffing on Barnaby this morning.

Bowers spotted Barnaby Joyce coming in the front of parliament. There were no journos there, so he and the cameraman fired off a few questions, bless them.

Shellshocked, I suppose. I was born in Tamworth. My great-grandmother was born in Tamworth. I only had it confirmed on Thursday from an inquiry that was made in New Zealand that apparently my father being a New Zealander, I was a New Zealander. Now I am trying to fix it up. I am sure the high court, who is vastly wiser than me, will come up with all of the answers.

No, the balance of opinion by the attorney general is the more likely outcome is clear we should continue on with our work.

That is hypothetical. Let’s cross that bridge when it happens.

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