It is Portugal’s PR vote system that has put it on the right path, says Dee Searle; the example of Greece shows that political perspectives alone don’t cut it, says Elspeth Geronimos; the UK economy was recovering under Labour in 2009-10 but Cameron and Osborne blew it, says David Butler

Many of the anti-austerity policies that have led to a revival of Portugal’s economy (The lie is nailed – there is an alternative to austerity, 24 August) did not actually originate from the Socialist government, but from conditions set by radical leftwing and green parties to enable the Socialists to govern after they failed to win a majority in the 2015 national elections.

Among demands by the Communists, Left Bloc and Greens were the reversal of privatisation, a swift elimination of salary and pension cuts, and a substantial increase in the national minimum wage. These were mostly accepted by the Socialists, who went on to form a minority administration that relies on support from the radical left in parliament.

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