A special meeting called by Malcolm Turnbull to resolve the party’s policy on same sex marriage is continuing but early reports suggest the Coalition will stick to Tony Abbott’s plebiscite policy. Follow developments live…

Equality advocates have urged Liberal marriage equality supporters to cross the floor and vote the reform through.

Long-time marriage equality advocate, Rodney Croome:

It’s very disappointing that the Liberal Party has failed to do the right thing by the Australian people, but there is still a way forward. We urge Liberals who support marriage equality to table marriage equality legislation and cross the floor to vote for it.

We will lobby the Senate to continue to oppose a plebiscite and we will move to have a postal vote struck down in the High Court.

We do not accept, and will never accept, the demeaning terms and conditions the Government has attached to marriage equality.

Our families should not be subjected to the hate and fear-mongering we know will be enabled by a plebiscite or postal vote.

A free vote in Parliament is the only legitimate way to deal with marriage equality.

The plebiscite is set to fail in the Senate and the postal vote may well fail in the High Court.

We urge sensible Liberals to short circuit this continuing national embarrassment and force a vote.

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