The dual citizenship cloud continues to spread around the parliament as the government introduces bills for a Medicare levy rise and the cashless debit card. Follow the day live …

The Medicare levy increase to fund the NDIS will kick in when a single person earns $21,000 and a family earns $36,000.

Labor will only back the Medicare levy increase for people on more than $87,000.

I think it needs to be pushed up higher. I think Bill Shorten is calling for $87,000 it starts there. I think that’s too high. I think we can find some middle ground here.

This is not about Bill Shorten’s politics of envy. It’s about disabilities … if you have a Medicare levy, a part of it that only comes in at a particular income you get a massive spike in the effective marginal tax rate and it’s just not good design. And so if there are issues the senators are raising – and they are – then we will work through them in the due course of the parliament.

Thanks, Bowers.

Rainbow over Parliament this morn-Join @gabriellechan on #politicslive for her last day in this role @GuardianAus

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