The Coalition’s media reform bill is caught between One Nation and Nick Xenophon as fallout continues from Barnaby Joyce’s revelation he is a New Zealand citizen. Follow the day live …

Labor foreign affairs shadow Penny Wong has addressed the issue of her chief of staff Marcus Ganley having discussions on the Barnaby Joyce’s dual New Zealand citizenship issue with friends in New Zealand.

Wong starts at the beginning.

The first point is the questions about the Deputy Prime Minister’s citizenship have been on the record for some time. His office denied that there was a problem last month. He himself denied it last month.

Second, the story became public as a result of questions asked by an Australian journalist. That is very clear. That’s what the New Zealand minister has said.

It is correct that my staff member has mates in New Zealand, he lived and worked in New Zealand for some time and he has had chats with people about the issue that’s consuming politics here and to some extent there, which is the citizenship issue, and amongst the people, the mates with whom he has had contact is Mr Hipkins…

At no stage did my staff member request questions be lodged in the New Zealand Parliament. Mr Hipkins has absolutely made that clear. The second thing I want to make clear is this: Neither I nor my staff member were even aware questions had been lodged until after this story broke. So any suggestion that this is somehow. – what did Julie Bishop say? – a conspiracy, is ridiculous.

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