17 August 1921 Faisal I of Iraq, a friend of the British, will be king until 1933

Baghdad, July
The celebrations are over. The great day has come and gone. The Emir Faisal has been welcomed and acclaimed by the people, and, whatever the future holds, there can be no doubt that his arrival in the city produced a large amount of genuine enthusiasm amongst the public at large. How far this was due merely to “holiday” excitement, how much to a sincere wish to have the Emir as their king, it is difficult to say. The Emir is popular with the country people and is probably as acceptable to the Bedouin on the fringe of civilisation as anybody is likely to be. On the other hand, the townspeople and “intellectuals,” Jews, city Arabs, and the like give him only their grudging support, counting it slightly infra dig to welcome openly a person whom they look upon as being merely a petty prince from the middle of Arabia, insignificant and probably uncivilised.

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