Readers respond to the escalating brinkmanship and rhetoric between the US president and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

You report (10 August) that the US has warned North Korea that it risks the destruction of its people. However, the US is risking the destruction of all people. Of eight Trident submarines stationed at Bangor, Washington state, at least two are probably on patrol in the western Pacific. Each is believed to carry 108 nuclear warheads, equivalent to more than 1,400 Hiroshima-sized detonations.

The US is supported by the UK, which has four Trident subs at Faslane in Scotland, and holds to Nato’s policy of first use on nuclear arms. Rather than sign the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons – agreed by 122 states at the UN – the US and UK pursue a “Do as I say, not as I do” policy. More balanced voices in the foreign policies of both governments are urgently needed.
Rae Street
Littleborough, Lancashire

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