Death toll reaches at least 18 as fears recede of dam overspills in Houston, while tens of thousands of people remain in shelters amid continued flooding

Jamiles Lartey here, firing up our live blog for continued coverage on the fifth day of tropical storm Harvey. Our Claire Phipps has this handy roundup of where things stand as of Wednesday morning:

Our Rory Carroll reports that, with Houston out of Harvey’s sights, Texas and Louisiana residents further east are beginning to feel the effects of the storms second landfall.
In Port Arthur, Texas, which is near the coast, rescue teams struggled to reach desperate residents. “Hundreds, if not thousands of people are stranded because of high water. There are people that have crawled into their attic, are on top of the cars because they were not physically able to get on to their roofs,” Jeff Branick, a senior administrator in Jefferson County, told the Beaumont Enterprise.

Cots and belongings were abandoned on the floor of a civic centre in Port Arthur that was serving as a shelter for at least a hundred people when a foot of water rushed in, Associated Press reported. Evacuees took to bleacher seats, while another shelter in Beaumont had reached its 600 capacity.

Latest key messages for Tropical Storm #Harvey at 4 AM CDT:

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