As his last world championships approach, the world’s fastest man was full of his usual confidence as he contemplates Saturday’s 100m final

One by one they paid sweet homage to Usain Bolt, each homily more starstruck and dough-eyed than the last. First his fellow sprinter Asafa Powell insisted that he “just wanted to thank him on behalf of the Jamaican people”. Then the actor Idris Elba – who admitted that he and Bolt had never met – told him: “I just want to say I am so impressed with you, brother; you are an exemplary athlete and an amazing human being”.

Cara Delevingne, Thierry Henry and Virat Kohli also appeared on a big screen to offer soapy tributes to the greatest sprinter of them all. But it was Samuel L Jackson who spoke loudest and proudest. “Hey Usain,” he said, chuckling away. “Thanks for all the thrills, thanks for all the chills. Thanks for being the outstanding dope-ass motherfucker you have always been.”

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