An AI world sounds like hell – making humans redundant only serves the interests of an already rich, powerful and creepy tech industry

Grim news – Silicon Valley is coming to the UK. Google is planning to build a gigantic £600mlandscraper” in King’s Cross, central London. It plans to “bring our London Googlers together” with a 25-metre swimming pool, massage rooms, a basketball court, nap pods and a 200-metre “trim trail”, which loops around a rooftop meadow, to encourage “the Google culture of walking meetings”, as the Guardian’s architecture and design critic, Oliver Wainwright, put it.

This is where I begin to feel queasy. Google has its own “culture”, which its 7,000 London employees will presumably have to embrace cheerily while they work, jog, snooze, eat, play and eventually live on this monster “campus”. Stuff the homeless locals. Also, what about the “Googlers” personal lives?

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