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Apropos recent letters about meetings and their effectiveness (Letters, 18 September), I compiled the following ornithology during a particularly tedious occasion. It suggests various species, frequently observable. They are: the red-necked table-thumper; the incorrigible rambler; the inveterate conclusion-jumper; the dismal doubter; the backward harker; the procedural plodder; the uncontrollable joker; the time-insensitive blatherer. I wonder what further species readers would suggest?
Roy Evans
Harpenden, Hertfordshire

• I was pleased to see Jess Phillips (G2, 13 September) calling for a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft. Local people have been campaigning to have a statue erected at Newington Green where she lived, ran her pioneering school for girls and worshipped at the Unitarian chapel. See
Richard Kirkwood

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