Stephen King set many of his novels in Derry – a fictional version of his home of Bangor in Maine. With the release of the film version of It, the city is once again a tourist destination as the capital of terror

As claims to fame go, the city of Bangor in eastern Maine has one of the most playful out there. Disguised as its fictional persona of Derry, this small city is the setting for several Stephen King stories – including It, Dreamcatcher and Pet Sematary – and it is also the author’s own residence.

While fictional Derry has served as the epicentre of many paranormal and supernatural events, and is arguably the world capital of terror, real-life Bangor is a quintessential New England small town, with its suburbs and malls, its brick buildings and peaceful waterfront. But it can easily be seen in a menacing light when its streets are quiet and lit only by the glow of street lamps.

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