Do you know the importance of having the most excellent WordPress theme for your site?

If you say “yes”, I would like to appreciate you with the grand applause!

If you don’t have any idea about the vital role of the WordPress themes, then my guest post would help you understand the site design facts.

Also, you will be recognizing the significance of buying the paid WordPress template instead of getting the freebie.

In addition, I’ll let you know the essential theme features to be considered while buying it.

Out of all, I’m gonna reveal some of the popular websites to buy the WordPress theme so that you can grab the suitable one of your choice and rock on the web.

Let’s get into the topic!


Role of WordPress Themes

It is a known fact that the professionally designed website with smooth navigation would earn more leads & subscribers.

Yes! You can quickly gain the credibility with a good site design, and even the research has proved this matter.

With a resourceful website design, you can

  1. Get Brand Identity – A pleasing design would help you get a memorable brand name for your business website.
  2. Get Love From Search Engines – A fast loading responsive theme with clean codes and Schema Markup would let you get high SERP (Search engine ranking positions)
  3. Offer Great User Engagement – A fresh template with intelligent widgets and call-to-action elements can engage your readers well. You should understand that the high user engagement improves your SEO.

I hope now you understand the value of having a good WordPress design.


Why Premium WordPress themes?

When I was searching for something, I came to know that the bloggers search for the free WordPress themes.

They might have a low or limited budget, and hence they seek for the free blog themes.

If you too fall under the same category, then you should be familiar with the drawbacks of getting the free WordPress theme download.

Yup! The free WordPress themes have several downsides like

  1. No updates with improved features
  2. No documentation and support for the customization
  3. Not followed the best coding practices and hence vulnerable to the hackers
  4. Can’t get the unique look to stand out from the crowd
  5. Nonappearance of advanced functionalities like Page builder, Pre-made widgets, Shortcodes, Custom CSS, Ad management and so on.

So, I’m strongly recommending the premium WordPress themes for the passionate bloggers and small business owners.


Things To Have In Mind When Purchasing The WordPress Theme

Before you buy any WP template, I suggest you look for a couple of crucial features like

  1. SEO- Friendliness – Check the responsiveness, code quality, loading speed and navigation features.
  2. Easy Settings Options – Check whether the theme boasts the intuitive dashboard with user-friendly settings to design a tailored site.
  3. Ad-Optimized – Check the ease of fixing the ads (Both Adsense and Affiliate Banners) at the logical places for high CTR.
  4. Landing Pages – It is better to buy the WordPress theme with the highly focused landing pages for huge conversions.
  5. Support – Make sure that you will get the excellent and fast support for the common troubleshooting problems and theme customization according to your preference.
  6. Price – The theme should not be expensive! However, it is worth paying money for the qualities that it contains.

You may also consider the other things like browser compatibility, social media integration, and Newsletter subscription optin forms to perform better.


Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Companies

1.      Mythemeshop

A team of bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, and code-savvy people are behind the MyThemeShop themes. Their main aim is to create the WordPress themes that look excellent and offer great performance to improve the site traffic.

Remarkable Features of MTS

  • 100% optimized code for SEO
  • Blazing fast loading speed
  • Unique designs to strengthen your brand
  • Inbuilt Ad management
  • Compatibility and Optimum performance
  • Dedicated & Knowledgeable support
  • Available at affordable price


2.      Genesis Themes

Genesis Framework has been developed by the StudioPress in the year 2009. This WordPress framework contains the core functionality and serves as a foundation in customizing the Genesis child themes.

Exciting Qualities of Genesis Themes

  • Precise and secure coding
  • Offer the best user experience with easy navigation
  • In-depth SEO settings
  • Contains pre-made child themes and plugins
  • Frequent updates and unlimited support
  • Responsive HTML5 design to offer a stunning look on mobile devices


You can buy the Genesis themes from StudioPress, but before buying the Genesis theme for your WordPress site, you have to buy the Genesis framework license that costs $59.95.

MTS and Genesis themes possess almost the same features. If you confused to choose between these two WordPress designs, have a look at my in-depth comparison, Mythemeshop Vs Genesis themes.


3.      Thrive themes

If you are specifically looking for the WordPress theme that can help you get the massive conversion for your business, then your choice should be the Thrive themes. It was founded by the marketing expert, Shane Melaugh and tech activist, Paul McCarthy. Thrive themes are fast and transparency in nature.

Major Upsides Of Thrive Themes

  • Light weight, speed optimized themes
  • Contains focus areas with conversion elements
  • Designed for high readability and user engagement
  • Easy page generator to make the sales and opt-in pages
  • Customization settings with no trouble
  • Attractive landing page templates
  • Continuous updates and top-notch support

Recently I came across a dazzling blog where the blog founder explained the best products of Thrive Themes that he uses. I have been energized with his informative post and got “Thrive Architect” for my blogs to boost the affiliate sales.


4.      Elegant Themes

Building the visually appealing WordPress themes with the drag & drop page builder is the unique feature of Elegant themes. It has a great community of people working together and bringing the astonishing templates for the non-code savvy users. Elegant themes have 87 eye-catching designs, and the Divi is the popular one.

Splendid Characteristics of Elegant Themes

  • Drag & Drop Post and Page builder
  • Inbuilt rating and review feature for product reviews
  • Secure and valid codes
  • Ad-ready areas and custom widgets
  • Perpetual updates and world-class premium support


5.      ThemeForest Themes

ThemeForest is a huge marketplace for the high-quality WordPress themes with functionality standards.  It is more likely to be found the particular type of design for the niche blogs as its boasts vast library of themes from millions of authors.

Notable excellence of ThemeForest themes

  • Trendy design with fashion elements
  • Standard codes to keep the negative SEO at bay
  • Unique and stunning look to create the business brand awareness
  • Best selling and best-rated themes are categorized for easy purchase
  • Great support and detailed document guides from the theme authors


We have launched several WordPress themes on ThemeForest, and the Admania, ad-friendly template is the one that makes consistent sales for its unique ad-optimized features. It is listed under the best-rated themes as well. 🙂


Wrapping Up

A good-quality WordPress theme decides the success of the site as you could easily reach your targeted audience and describe the details of your product or service in a precise manner with it.

All the 5 Top WordPress theme providers that I have mentioned in this blog post are not only the giants of the industry, but they also care about their users a lot and launching the stunning features for them.

If you really want to skyrocket the performance and growth of your WordPress business site or blog, then purchasing the WordPress theme from those theme makers is the wisest choice.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Which WordPress theme brand would you like to buy?

Do you have any other theme provider recommendation for WordPress?

If yes, share your valuable thoughts in the comment section.


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