Prime minister Erna Solberg and her rightwing coalition government are set to hold on to power. So what do the next four years hold for Norwegian politics?

Norway’s conservative prime minister, Erna Solberg, and her rightwing coalition government will hold on to power for the next four years after claiming victory over the centre-left opposition by the narrowest of margins. It’s the first time a Conservative-led government has secured a second term in office since 1985. Labour had looked on course for victory, but lost crucial support ahead of the election with the economy recovering and unemployment figures down.

Elsewhere there was disappointment for potential kingmaker the Green party who lost some MPs including the party leader Rasmus Hansson, while the government’s junior coalition partner the Progress party benefited from their strong stance on border control and immigration. We asked voters which party they supported, and what hopes they have for the next four years in Norwegian politics.

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