An international week in Brexit that saw Theresa May head to Vancouver before meetings in London and a big speech in Florence. But who said what?

‘Boris is Boris’

Theresa May

Michael Gove

Amber Rudd

Donald Trump

‘It’s a bit like a school where discipline has broken down completely [and] the headteacher is barricaded in her own office’

Amber Rudd

Vince Cable

Nicola Sturgeon

Ken Clarke

‘I said before [that the referendum] was a dumb idea, other things should’ve been tried first. In some possible branches of the future, leaving will be an error.’

George Osborne

Dominic Cummings

Diane Abbott

Kate Hoey

‘What I do not envisage is that we should pay into the EU just for access to the single market, or some such concept. It does not seem to be necessary. We do not get money for access to our markets.’

Jeremy Corbyn

Boris Johnson

Theresa May

David Davis

‘I still have some difficulty seeing how after the general election, which produced a hung parliament in the UK, this government is going to get its form of Brexit through.’

Emily Thornberry

Tim Farron

Tony Blair

Kier Starmer

‘There is clearly cause for concern about the rate of progress in Brussels just as there is in the UK. And the ball is very much in the prime minister’s court’

Jean-Claude Juncker

John McDonnell

Kier Starmer

Michel Barnier

‘Leaving the European Union is a great liberation for the United Kingdom, as worthy for celebration as victory at Waterloo or the Glorious Revolution.’

Emmanuel Macron

Boris Johnson

Nigel Farage

Jacob Rees-Mogg

‘The very fact we have no idea what the final outcome might look like suggests there is a case for a second referendum’

Justine Greening

Nicola Sturgeon

Tom Watson

Nick Clegg

‘It’s perfectly possible to feel English, British and European at the same time. As it is perfectly normal to be a Dubliner, Irish and European at the same time’

Guy Verhofstadt

Arlene Foster

Leo Varadkar

Jeremy Corbyn

‘Expect negative briefing from the commission, sarcasm from Guy Verhofstadt, and a polite but not positive reply from Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Juncker.’

Andrea Leadsom

Nick Timothy

Fiona Hill

Philip Hammond

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