It’s groundhog day in energy policy, but the government is inching towards a media deal. Follow all today’s events in and around parliament

It was a long night for the crossbench as Communications Minister Mitch Fifield pinned them down on media reform.

It’s not done and dusted as yet, but it’s almost there, as Nick Xenophon told ABC radio this morning:

It is fair to say that we are on the verge of reaching an agreement. I think the best thing todo is give details of that once it has been finalised. It will be a significant package for smaller and regional publishers. Media in this country faces a crisis for a range of reasons, particularly the impact of Google and Facebook and advertising revenue.”

It is going to be another loooong day for Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg but he’s starting the day a little better than he did yesterday.

Around this time yesterday he was facing off with Joel Fitzgibbon in the parliament hallways in full view of the cameras. This morning, he’s still in front of the cameras and interacting with Labor opponents, but he looks like he’s having a better time with Ed Husic.

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