Giles Oakley notes Hillary Clinton’s achievements in ‘one of the most corrupt and deplorable elections in modern times’

Always a sure-footed explorer of the realms of sexism, Hadley Freeman spells out very effectively how the widespread hatred of Hillary Clinton, shown so sharply in response to her book about the 2016 presidential election, stems largely from misogyny (Opinion, 15 September). I have long been shocked by the vilification she has received from across the political spectrum, ignoring her achievements in public life over decades. Far too many on the left would adopt the standard sneering tone when dismissing her, as though we “all agree” that Hillary was “unattractive” and a useless sell-out. But before we write off the whole of the US as irredeemably misogynist, it’s good to remember that Hillary not only won the second highest presidential vote in history, as Hadley points out, she also won nearly 3m more votes than Donald Trump, an incredible achievement in one of the most corrupt and deplorable elections in modern times.
Giles Oakley

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