Sir Martin Moore-Bick is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry, says Anna Ford; and Amanda Baker wants to know about George Osborne’s responsibility

Sir Martin Moore-Bick has had a distinguished legal career but, despite his background and qualifications, he is the wrong person to head the Grenfell inquiry (Report, 15 September). He cannot be excused the remark that he hoped the inquiry would eventually provide a “small measure of solace” for victims’ families.

It’s an error of gargantuan, class-ridden insensitivity to talk in such terms to people, some of whom have survived an inferno and have lost everything. Many others have lost friends and family in a mass grave where they were burnt to death. The grieving, and often still homeless, survivors need to be heard. And the wider picture of why our society thinks treating the poor and marginalised to such substandard housing should be spotlighted.

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