The prime minister in a public stand off with the AGL chief as he fields a call from Donald Trump on North Korea. Follow all the developments.

Meanwhile, the Greens energy spokesman, Adam Bandt, has labelled the Aemo report a “pretty damning indictment of what the government has been doing for the last four years. It shows we haven’t built the new renewables needed because coal fired generators are going offline,” he said, warning of power shortfalls this summer and in 2022.

Bandt says energy and environment minister, Josh Frydenberg, is using the report to “run around and say we need more coal but that’s not what Aemo is saying”.

What [Aemo] says, and the minister hasn’t been clear about this, is they don’t mind where this [extra electricity] comes from. One of the places it could come from … [is] demand management – which is basically saying there are big operators … if we could pay them to run their industries not at the hottest times of the day but perhaps shift into the middle of the night, that would be a way of dealing [with the shortfall].

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