Guardian readers have sent in their accounts and photos of the ongoing devastation and rescue missions. Luis, an aviation worker who lives in Mexico City, was one of the hundreds of volunteers who rallied to help those affected by the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that hit the capital on Tuesday afternoon:

I arrived at the corner of Avenue Nuevo León and Calle Laredo with some friends from work around 10pm and left at 2am. Volunteers are being coordinated into shifts of four hours. As we were leaving, more people were arriving.

We flagged down a police truck as we were making our way there on foot and they gave us a lift. People noticed we were on our way to help and would pull us over to give us water and first aid supplies. Others would show up to feed those of us working with coffee, sandwiches and tamales. The number of volunteers that have shown up to help is amazing to say the least.

Every year the whole city does an earthquake drill at 11am and I am so thankful that the drill was fresh in my and my students’ minds when the earthquake hit. A few weeks ago the tremor we felt here was a small side to side motion, like being on a boat at sea, but yesterday was nothing like that. The ground was moving up and down and staying steady was a feat.

Although terrified I had to stay calm. Our school was extremely lucky and no teachers or students were injured. As windows and walls crumbled or fell, we had a few people grazed but nothing serious. We are so grateful for that. The school buildings were evacuated quickly and efficiently, and the response from students and staff was incredible.

There was one man who had a head injury and his white shirt was stained with blood. He seemed woozy and in shock as he came out of the building, but I saw an ambulance arrive and paramedics bandaged his head.

In the evening, my neighbour and I went to drop off masks and supplies to a school close to where I live which had partially collapsed. It was amazing to see the amount of people who were helping out; there were people dropping off bottles of water on their motorcycles and in shopping carts for those helping in the recovery effort.”

Here’s the latest breakdown of confirmed fatalities from the head of Mexico’s national civil defense agency: 94 in Mexico City, 71 in Morelos state, 43 in Puebla, 12 in the State of Mexico, four in Guerrero and one in Oaxaca.

#Actualización: Suman 225 fallecidos: 94 #CDMX, 71 #Morelos, 43 #Puebla, 12 #Edoméx, 4 #Guerrero y 1 #Oaxaca.

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