Follow live updates as rescuers search for survivors after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake killed more than 240 people

AFP has more on the agonising search for children in the rubble of Enrique Rebsamen school.

Rescue workers were desperately trying to reach several children believed to be alive beneath the wreckage in the early hours of Thursday – more than 40 hours after the quake struck. Using a thermal scanner, they had located signs of life in several locations.

“We know that there is a child alive inside (the destroyed school), what we do not know is how to reach her… without risking a collapse and putting rescuers in danger,” rescue coordinator Jose Luis Vergara told Televisa about a young girl whose fate is being closely followed by the country.

An official in Mexico City told the BBC that rescuers searching the rubble of Enrique Rebsamen school were able to hear three different people including Frida Sofia (It gave her age as 13, but most news outlets say she is aged 12)

A senior official told the BBC a 13-year-old girl has spoken to them through the rubble of a collapsed primary school in Mexico City.

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