Some people are unaware of how to correctly sign off an email (especially for business), and if you think it matters not, be prepared for a change of perception, as according to the experts, email signatures say an awful lot about a person.

Using the same salutation over and over is repetitive and not suitable for many professional situations, and if you would like some variety and professionalism in your email signature, here are some ideas to give you inspiration.



People like the personal touch, so avoid auto email signoffs, as they imply an impersonal approach.

To give you an idea, here are some email signature examples by Zippysig, a leading email signature creator that really does add a personal touch to all your emails. This site also offers many exciting email signature templates. You can’t really go wrong.


Reminding the Recipient

If you require action from the recipient, “Thank you for answering my questions”, or “Looking forward to your reply” are good ways to subtly remind the recipient that you require some action.

There are interesting articles online that examines the need for a professional email signature in a business environment.


Requesting a Meeting

If you are looking to get together with the recipient, “Hope to find a hole in your calendar” is always a nice sign off, or perhaps, “Looking forward to our next meeting”.

The last thing a person reads is likely to stick in their mind, and if you already have a date and venue planned, you can sign off by saying, “Looking forward to meeting you on (date) at (time) in the (venue), when we can get to work to find a solution.”


Fulfilling a Request

If you were asked to do something, “Happy to help, let me know if I can be of any further assistance in the future” is always a warm way to end this type of email, or perhaps, “Really glad I could be of help” will show your willingness to assist.

You might want to ensure that all is well, and “Let me know if you have any questions” will suffice in this case. If you struggle with email content, there are complete guides online on how to compose a professional email that you can refer to.


Appreciation Sign Offs

Often, when a person does something, we wish to demonstrate our appreciation, and this can be achieved with a simple, “I can always rely on you”.

If your relationship is informal, “How would I ever manage without you?” shows your appreciation, and never fails to please.

And how about this inspirational email sign off?

‘Action is the foundational key to all success.’ – Pablo PicassoClick To Tweet


Humorous Sign Offs

Suitable only for those you know will appreciate it, a comical sign off is always well received.

If you are sending from a mobile device, you could end with “Sent from my iPhone and typos with big thumbs on a small keypad”. If you want to guarantee a laugh, try this one, “Excuse the typos, I’m wearing boxing gloves.”

‘A joke is a very serious thing.’ Winston ChurchillClick To Tweet


Any correspondence you send out is an opportunity to be professional, and with a range of attractive email signatures for every situation, this is easily achieved.

Boost your business image with a professional email signature to ensure the right response from the recipient, and your communication will be enhanced by a touch of style.

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