The renowned economist and UN sustainable development adviser says the time when the US was in charge is long gone and that the country has to change its mindset

President Trump’s remarks to the UN general assembly last week made me shudder. And I think I speak for a lot of people who were in the room that morning. I’ve never heard of a US president standing at the assembly’s podium saying “If you threaten us, we will totally destroy your nation” which is what Trump said about North Korea. It’s provocative, it’s ugly, it’s not how to find a way out of this crisis.

But the good news is that roughly two-thirds of Americans are not in Trump’s camp. And I think most Americans are shocked, like most of the world, by the crudeness, by the threats, by the tweets and by the substance of what he’s pushing domestically,such as his healthcare proposals which would have taken more than 20 million people off the healthcare rolls even when his own voters were saying “No we don’t want that”. The Republicans are going to try again next week.

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