A Turin couple have organised free concerts from their balcony since 2011 but, despite their popularity – and Turin’s cultural reputation as ‘little Berlin’ – some people just want to reduce the noise

It’s hard to tell what’s louder: the electric guitar, the opera singer or the hundreds of hands clapping. In the courtyard of a building in the historic centre of Turin, in northern Italy, Maksim Cristan and Daria Spada are on stage – standing on their balcony with a guitar modified to look like a sword, and a microphone.

Since 2011 the couple have organised concerts on their balcony every Sunday afternoon. At first it was a way to get to know their neighbours, says Spada, 36, who is originally from Puglia, in southern Italy. Now it’s “a regular event for residents, tourists and passersby”, and “a gift to the city”.

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