8 September 1967 Plans announced for the construction of an electronic anti-infiltration barrier along the demilitarised zone

Washington, September 7

Mr McNamara, the United States Secretary of Defence, confirmed today that the US will erect an electronically operated physical barrier along the demilitarised zone dividing North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The possibility of such a barrier was first reported in the Guardian on June 2.

He said that work has begun on clearing the jungle south of the zone for a stretch of about fifteen miles. “We are preparing to initiate late this year or early next year the operation of a system to make infiltration more difficult,” he said. “The system’s objectives will be consistent with those of our air campaign against the lines of communication. We know, of course, that no obstacle system can stop the infiltration of personnel or supplies. Equipment to be installed will range from barbed wire to highly sophisticated devices.”

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