More than 120 nations are preparing to sign the UN nuclear prohibition treaty. Britain must join them, argues Kate Hudson of CND. Plus letters from Dr Rebecca Johnson, Frank Jackson, Rae Street and Peter Fowler

Zoe Williams’ article (No more nukes? Why anti-nuclear protests need an urgent revival, 7 September) is a timely and thoughtful reminder of why civil society must respond to the present US-North Korea nuclear crisis if we are to avert catastrophe. Protesters clashed with police in Seoul on Thursday while demonstrating against the deployment and expansion of the US Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence (Thaad) missile-defence system. The South Korean protesters realise what many of our leaders don’t: deploying more weapons, conducting more military drills, and intensifying the war of words could soon tip the balance in favour of a real nuclear war that would kill millions. There will be no winners, whatever Donald Trump might imagine.

Last year, here in Britain, CND led a demonstration of over 60,000 against the replacement of Trident, our own nuclear weapons system. We were joined by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, as well as trade unionists and representatives of faith groups and civil society organisations. That demonstration argued what should now be clear to all: nuclear weapons are no deterrent. Trident does nothing to protect us on the brink of nuclear war: on the contrary it will make us a target.

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