Aileen is going to study photography and needs a powerful laptop for editing photos. It’s a job that any laptop can do, but perhaps not to the high level required

I need a new laptop. I have a high-spec but old Toshiba Portégé that has served me well, but I’m starting an art course and will study photography so need a top-notch screen (perhaps touch screen?) and more processing power. Do I have to get a Mac or is Windows a good option? Aileen

Last week’s column covered the needs of a history student, who wanted a laptop costing up to £500. Professional photo and video editors typically go for the most powerful machines they can afford, with prices ranging from about £1,500 to £3,000. Cheaper machines can do the job, but reducing processing times from, say, 30 minutes to three minutes makes a huge difference to workflows. In providing more time for experiments, fast PCs can actually lead to better results.

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