After an opening ceremony hosted by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, the annual publishing event got underway, with novels and starry memoirs snapped up for big sums. So what will we be reading in 2018?

The book world flatteringly arranges itself around the annual Frankfurt book fair. The Nobel prize for literature and German book prize announcements come just before it, the Prix Goncourt shortlist and the German peace prize during it, and the Man Booker prize is awarded just after hung-over British publishers, agents and authors get back from Germany.

This year the political world paid homage to the fair, too, with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron acting as joint hosts of the opening ceremony. They affirmed the unity of an open, tolerant Europe, assigning books a key role: literature “holds us together and prevents us closing ourselves off [by] giving way to fear, brutality and disunity”, said Macron (who also said “without culture, there is no Europe”), while Merkel only slightly less loftily saw it as “the reflection of the soul of our society, which is about freedom”.

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