The full bench of the high court is meeting in Canberra to hear the first of the section 44 citizenship cases. Barnaby Joyce, Matt Canavan, Fiona Nash, Malcolm Roberts, Nick Xenophon and Larissa Waters and Scott Ludlam will all have their cases heard over the next three days. Follow the hearing live

The government is relying on a dissenting judgement from Justice Deane in 1992, which opened the door for the defence George Brandis is relying on.

While the rest of the court took section 44 literally when it came to citizenship, Deane took the line that it should really only apply to cases “where the relevant status, rights or privileges have been sought, accepted, asserted or acquiesced in by the person concerned”

There was quite the crowd for court room one. The high court has new security measures in place, so it was a slow start, but we are in place and waiting for the hearing to start at 10.15.

It doesn’t look like any of the MPs will be attending, but there probably wouldn’t be room for them, given the number of briefcases and files in the room.

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