NBN a hot topic as the government seeks to defend technology mix, while GetUp is asked to prove it is not an associated entity of Labor. Government faces Senate estimates and still waiting on the high court decision. Follow it all here …

The Bureau of Metrology is up in the environment estimates. Labor senator Sam Dastyari, who seems to have forgotten his popcorn and appears to be having a hard time containing his glee, got in ahead of a certain senator, by demanding empirical evidence about the Illuminati.

Dastyari asks BoM…
How many members of the Illuminati work at BoM?
To what extent to George Soros direct daily activity?#estimates

But as for the conversations that matter–the ones with the states– Turnbull is a little more guarded.

I’ve had conversations with several of them. I know Josh has been talking to the energy ministers. I think the next step is the energy ministers’ meeting in late November,and obviously there is modelling underway now, as you know. That’ll be – that’s the next step.

Well, the conversations I’ve had, they’ve been very receptive. But there’s often,as you know, a mismatch between the private conversations and the public rhetoric. But, ah… ..there it is.”

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