The clean energy target is out, and the government is convinced it can still meet its Paris commitments. But first it has to win over its backbench. Follow all the day’s events from Canberra

Party room meetings are occurring as we speak. The Coalition will be selling its energy policy to its backbench. Craig Kelly has indicated he supports the policy, at least broadly, which is part of the battle won. But let’s see what happens beyond those instant reactions.

Labor is formulating its response, but so far has been pretty clear in rejecting the government’s plan. The theme which appears to be emerging is from Mark Butler’s press conference this morning:

What the announcements that are set for this morning do make very clear is that Malcolm Turnbull’s capitulation to Tony Abbott’s radical right wing agenda for Australia is now utterly complete.”

Speaking of neutron stars colliding, the issue of Tony Abbott is not going away any time soon.

Paul Karp tells us deputy Liberal leader, Julie Bishop, was also asked on Radio National about why Tony Abbott has left open the option of being drafted back to the leadership.

Not one person has raised that possibility with me, not one of my colleagues has raised that as an option or something they are considering … Not one person has raised with me any suggestion that there would be a change of leader, there is support forMalcolm Turnbull.”

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