The Maltese journalist whose car was blown sky high was fiercely independent. She was also a member of the reviled mainstream media

In the roll-call of unfashionable causes, defence of the MSM – the hated “mainstream media” – surely ranks close to the top. Bashing the press is now a guaranteed applause line on both the right and left. Donald Trump, who last week said it was “frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever they want”, and called for NBC to be stripped of its (nonexistent) broadcasting licence, is only the most obvious example. Before him came Sarah Palin and her diatribes against “the lamestream media”.

But the MSM is a favourite target of the left too: witness the Corbynite attacks on the BBC and its political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, who famously required the protection of a bodyguard to attend the Labour party conference.

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