The AWU will go to court in a bid to take back documents seized in the AFP raids as Turnbull calls Labor’s response an ‘hysterical attack’. Follow the day’s events live

It doesn’t feel right to jump straight back into politics after learning of such heartache, but that is the job.

Malcolm Turnbull has just finished his press conference. He tried to make it about energy, and continued what has become his latest press conference gimmick–holding his own question and answer session with a business owner.

The AWU has questions to answer, Bill Shorten has questions to answer, why his union was making $100,000 donation to GetUp, an organisation which I might say, is opposed to most of the industries which employ members of the AWU. But they are questions for Mr Shorten to answer and I just want to say that the hysterical attack by Brendan O’Connor on the integrity of the Australian Federal Police is a disgrace and Bill Shorten should disown that and apologise for that immediately. The police keep us safe. They keep us safe from crime, they keep us safe from terrorism and they uphold the rule of law. And the AWU should comply with the law and when they have spokesman like Mr O’Connor, that would prefer to defend the thugs and the criminals in the CFMEU then stand up for the police that keep us safe, that shows you a lot of the values of the Labor party of Bill Shorten.


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Our thoughts are obviously with Linda Burney and her family.

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