Angela Merkel is upbeat about a deal after Theresa May implores European leaders to give her something she could defend. But the EU will refuse to move on to trade talks just yet

Referring to Labour’s electoral chances, Mandelson closes by saying the party is in a strong position. But he warns Jeremy Corbyn of the dangers of playing only to his base, saying he will win a significantly larger majority at the next general election if he appeals also to more “centrist” voters as well.

Asked if he backs a second referendum, Mandelson says he’s “not going that far this morning” and backs parliamentary sign-off on the Brexit deal. That, he says, is because he wants to “listen to the public”.

Mandelson suggests some facets of Brexit are only just coming to light now and talk of reversing course needs to wait. If, in time, the public takes a different view, then Labour should take a different view, he says.

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