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This is what the prime minister’s spokesman said when asked if the FAZ story was correct when it said that Theresa May was “begging for help” when she had dinner with Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels last monday. He said:

I have no comment on it whatsoever. One of the people who was present has denied this morning that the European commission president ever said it. And I would point you to what is on the record, which is a joint statement by the European commission and by Downing Street which says that the talks last week [at the dinner] were constructive and friendly. I have nothing to add to that.

I’m just back from the Number 10 lobby briefing.

Downing Street is not commenting on the FAZ story about the May/Juncker dinner (see 9.10am and 10.55am), other than to point out that one of the people who was there has cast doubt on the account.

Commission insists not behind FAZ Juncker leak. There are people who want to undermine us, spox says, we want them to leave us alone. 1/2

Asked who these ppl are, Commish spox says “why not have a BBC investigation about it?” 2/2

When pressed by me over shadowy figures seeking to undermine Brexit negotiations behind FAZ leaks, Commission refuses to be drawn.

Asked Commission spox if he would clarify whether EU thought British gov behind FAZ #Brexit leaks 1/2-

“I won’t add a word to what’s been said..we don’t need to be probed” 2/2

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